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Date of registration:November 4, 2002. Right status: It's nonprofit organization (non commercial)NGO. ID# 206121249. State registration #885. Registrant: Ministry of Justice of Georgia. Tax department: Tbilisi registration center Isani-Samgori department.

Priorities of fund: charity, social, justice, cultural and humanitarian support.
1 . Homeless and children of a shelter
2 . Disabled people and people with limited opportunities
3 . Inhabitants of mountain areas
4 . Seriously sick children and young people
5 . Talented children and youth
6 . Pupils and pedagogies
7 . Socially unprotected families
8 . Young swearing and swearing - loner

Վիրահայ երեխաների աջակցության բարեգործական հիմնադրամ ՞՞ԱՐԵՎԻԿ՞՞

For years of action in Georgia our fund led existence active work for the purpose of promotion of Armenian language and literature, the Armenian culture, history, religion and traditions, supports of beneficiaries in education, health care, receiving humanitarian assistance. Done not to list all, but high awards and our recognition abroad speak for themselves. Without having stability in financial and material support the modest forces and modest private donations the fund managed to grow any generation of talented, patriotic and successful youth. Our fund as well as our children, young poets, singers, dancers, musicians, athletes and artists are actively integrated into public life, become approximate citizens and leaders of the country. The our readers of the newspaper “Arevik” traditionally receive newspaper in the capital of Tbilisi and in regions (Javakhk, Kvemo-Kartli, Adzhara). The children from Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor, Artsakh have a huge desire constantly to receive our newspaper as some issues of our newspapers reached them by means of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RA and the Ministry of Diaspora of Armenia.

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